"I saw a wedge-shaped gap in the mountains on the other shore and I thought that must be Luino".
Ernest Hemingway, in A Farewell to Arms.

Set at 600 meters above sea level among the pre-Alpine slopes of Verbano, Luino is the biggest city on the Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore, one of the so called "ring of 3 lakes" with Lugano and Lake Como. The area has been a popular petit tour since the end of the 700s. Luino seems to be hung in mid-air between tradition and the modern world, historical memory and contemporary opportunities. On one hand, the old town center with its neighbourhoods and narrow climbing streets, renaissance and baroque buildings, courtyards, lodges and old artisans workshops. On the other hand, the lakeshore is dotted with sycamore trees and varying architectural styles such as art nouveau, the train station and long tree lined avenues. A city, a world within a world.
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We examine the proposed acquisition of the entire complex. Total retail area of ​​about 1,500 sq m