In the middle of this context, right in the old town center is the Casa Botta / Villa Maghetti complex, named after the respective original owners. The houses were completed at the start of the 700s with roots which date back to the previous century.
The structure is a true urban villa with wide stair cases, the two inner courtyards are overlooked by spacious lodges and a vast green area facing south which leads to the Ferrini Public Park. Nowadays the area includes 3 commercial units and 9 housing units formed by 1 studio apartment, 3 two room apartments, 1 three room apartment and 4 four room apartments as well as an underground garage with a driveway entrance.

The recent renovation of the property focused on maintaining the original architectural structure by keeping the existing walls and entrances, using traditional materials and renovating unique features such as doors, buttresses, railings and decorations. Particular efforts were made on the fresco painting on the main staircase, the votive statue of Our Lady nestled over Via Manzoni and the double ramp of steps leading South. The renovation also aimed at the removal of so called "accretions", unsightly or damaging additions made over time which ruin the personality of any building. Forgotten archways facing onto the main courtyard and the pedestrian connection between the two courts were actually uncovered during the project.

The most notable architectural barrier, a vertical passage running from the main part of the building to Via Manzoni was cleared and replaced by an open steel and glass lift. Although the building was classified as of artistic importance and therefore not subject to current legislation on energy saving, the renovation took all possible aspects of energy expenditure into account, especially in the areas of roofing and penthouses, counter walling and inter-slabs. The final result boasts every type of modern day comfort immersed in historical surroundings with a perfect balance between memory and contemporary lifestyle, exactly like the town of Luino itself.

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We examine the proposed acquisition of the entire complex. Total retail area of ​​about 1,500 sq m